English Theatre, Frankfurt/Main

Thought is the labour of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure.
(Victor Hugo)


Scope of performance
Phases 3 - 8
P.J. Tries, E. Rubner
Hersh Beker
Planning time
1989 - 1990
Construction costs
5,5 millionen EUR


p 02 schul k5   p 02 schul k6 

In 1989 the office was commissioned to design a small theatre in the vicinity of the main train station of Frankfurt.  This was to serve as a beacon project as part of a political initiative aimed at transforming the area so that the first impressions of those arriving at the main railway station would be of a cultured city rather than a red light district.

The upper floors were to accommodate administrative offices of the City of Frankfurt (a tourist information centre).

An existing plan was completely reworked for the theatre itself – on the one hand, to give the auditorium a unique identity within the restricted space available; and on the other, to meet the modern technical needs of a small theatre (with a seating capacity of 250).

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