School centre, Henstedt-Ulzburg

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(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)


Invitation to tender in
K. Werner, B. Gatzmenga
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The natural configuration of the area subject to the invitation to tender as determined by the existing lines of trees and shrubs is accepted and respected. Given this organizing principle, it is proposed that the main school building be positioned as a 2-storey linear block between the existing lines of trees on a north-south axis. These lines of trees are seen as a positive element which effectively determines the character of the space. The acceptance of this natural local feature, the chosen configuration and the proposed timber-frame construction system combine to produce a visually interesting interplay of nature and architecture.

By concentrating the body of the school building within a clearly defined area, it becomes possible to develop additional community facilities on the designated area subject to the invitation to tender.

The linear mass of the building is divided functionally, constructionally and formally into a school area (classrooms etc.) and a sports area. This separation creates space for a very useful pedestrian link running from east to west.

Towards the main approach to the west (Schäferkampsweg) the school building together with the assembly hall area and youth leisure centre that front onto it create an inviting 'piazza'-like entrance area, which also accommodates the necessary parking spaces to the west of the line of trees.

Locating the car parking area to the west of the line of trees means that it does not impinge either visually or spatially on the schoolyard and school block. All the metal is out of sight, i.e. the cars are safely tucked away behind the trees.