New kindergartens, Liederbach

The architect will have us gushing, although his fees are often crushing.
(Wilhelm Busch)


Scope of performance
Phases 1 - 7
B. Bendorf, R. Georgiou
Gemeinde Liederbach
Planning time
1991 - 1993
Construction costs
3 millionen EUR


p 05 schul k1   p 05 schul k2 

Two kindergartens were designed for the local community of Liederbach.

A small solitaire structure was planned for Akazienweg in a setting of new residential buildings.  The two-storey timber-frame nursery comprised group rooms with a gallery surrounding a central play area, facing south and east to the kindergarten’s open areas.  The curved contour, roofscape and external design of the stairwell provide the three-dimensional design quality required by the solitaire building.

On Wachenheimer Strasse, by contrast, a corner building was designed which forms a single spatial entity with the existing school complex and sports hall and encloses an intimate courtyard for use by the kindergarten children.  It has the advantage of masking the amorphous 1970s sports hall.

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