Art at the INMC, Frankfurt/Main

Reality makes you want to look away, art to look at it. Art is a consequence of life; otherwise, life would be unbearable
(Martin Walser)

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Shortly before completion of the project, the architect was commissioned to devise an artistic conception.  The main challenge, apart from the architect setting goals as to its substance, was to find and acquire objets d’art at short notice which might fulfil the following criteria, whilst still being consistent with the general theme:

-The size of the work must be corresponding to the structural elements
The works must also be of a corresponding size to one another
-Sculpture (wood, bronze, plaster, wax, concrete)
-Painting (water colours, oils), ranging from abstract art to late expressionism and on to
-photography and
-print graphics
-The artists should be of different nationalities, as befits the function of the INMC building
(American, European, Asian)
-Gender balance (quotas must be observed, after all!)
-A mix of less expensive, unknown artists and high-priced works by very prominent artists (structured like a share portfolio; diversification)

The sustainability of the investment's value is believed to have increased by a total of about 100 to 200 % over the last five years.  This is in no small part due to the fact that the art works are not an intrinsic part of the building; their locations can be changed, which means they can be sold ('Art in Architecture').

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